“Beyond the digital divide, is the deeper problem
of the information divide.”

Janine Warner, TEDx Pura Vida, Costa Rica

“Online learning is expanding access to education
and transforming the way we teach and learn.”

Janine Warner, University of Texas, Austin

Janine is the co-founder & executive director of SembraMedia.org
and a Knight Fellow for the International Center for Journalists

“Janine’s presentations are dynamic, informative, and entertaining.”

Glenda Umaña

Emmy award-winning journalist, Founder and director of GUC360

“Janine, you are a joy to work with.”

Jasper Johal

Photographer, JasperPhoto.com

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Popular speaking topics

  • Digital Media Innovation
  • Trends in Online Learning
  • Entrepreneurial Journalism
  • Online Reputation & Digital Marketing
  • Web Design & Social Media

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SembraMedia: Dedicated to supporting digital media entrepreneurs

Janine launched SembraMedia in 2015 to help independent online media entrepreneurs who publish content in Spanish to become more sustainable and successful.

The nonprofit project is born out of her work over the last decade as a teacher and consultant with media companies and entrepreneurs. As the executive director,  she manages a growing team from more than a dozen countries in Latin America and Spain who are researching digital media projects, building an online directory, and developing a variety of training programs and support services.

Visit SembraMedia.org to learn more. (Note: This project is primarily in Spanish.)

Journalism & Press


Janine began her career as a journalist,  but these days she’s more often the one being interviewed. Watch interviews in the press section.


Janine began her career as a newspaper reporter in Northern California. She was The Miami Herald’s Director of New Media in the late 1990s, and continues to work with journalists and media companies teaching and consulting on technology, media and design trends.

Books & online learning courses

Books & Training Videos

Janine first discovered the Internet in 1995 in Northern California. As she explored into this new medium, she learned HTML and started building websites. In the process, she got “geekier” than she ever imagined. Since 1996, she’s written or coauthored more than 25 books about the Internet, web design, and social media.

Janine’s books:

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Photos & friends

Janine Warner- Tedx


On the set at CreativeLive.com in Seattle.

On the set at CreativeLive.com in Seattle.

Janine Warner in Puebla, Mexico

Enjoying a lovely evening in Mexico with an International team of speakers.


Group hug after Innovation seminar in Puebla, Mexico.

Enjoying a group hug after my Innovation seminar in Puebla, Mexico.

Author Janine Warner

Author Janine Warner, Book Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada

Janine Warner Ukraine

Enjoying a playful moment with a display of snowflakes in Kiev, Ukraine.

In Chile with my student, Andrea Medina, the creator of Integrados Chile http://www.integradoschile.cl/

In Chile with my student, Andrea Medina, the creator of Integrados Chile http://www.integradoschile.cl/