Journalism and Press Coverage

Janine began her career as a journalist and her work has been published in a diverse collection of publications, including Shape Magazine, Layers Magazine, and The Miami Herald. As an author and Internet expert, these days she’s more often the one being interviewed for television, radio, and print.

“Janine’s presentations are original and dynamic. She has experience with the latest in technology and the ability to share it in an entertaining and accessible way. And she’s a really good person.”

Glenda Umaña, Emmy award-winning former CNN Reporter

The “Techy Translator”

Need help with a story you’re working on? Looking for someone who can help make sense of technology for your readers? Janine calls herself a “techy translator,” and she’s well known for making technical topics fun and entertaining. Her background as a journalist and For Dummies author makes her writing accessible, even to the most novice readers.

Janine’s columns and articles have appeared in



Photoshop User Magazine

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Janine also created a series of case studies for the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). 

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