Online training videos and virtual seminars

Janine has produced more than 200 hours of online training videos for top online learning sites, including, CreativeLive, and KelbyOne.

Janine-Training-Videos is a leading online learning company that offers online training videos in business, software, technology and creative skills. For a modest monthly membership fee, you can have access to the entire video library with thousands of professional courses taught by industry experts.

Janine created a Content Strategy course for In that course, she walks you through the process of analyzing, planning, and managing different types of content, and what it takes to become a content strategist. Watch Creating an Effective Content Strategy for Your Website on

Kelby Training

KelbyOne is the leading training online training site for photographers. Members get exclusive access to the world’s best photography, Photoshop, and design instructors and an inspiring community of creative professionals. Kelby Media also produces Photoshop User Magazine and produces the annual Photoshop World conference.

To watch Janine’s training videos on Web design, CSS and Dreamweaver, visit Janine’s instructor page on KelbyOne.

CreativeLive produces LIVE online seminars for creative professionals in photography, design, business, software training, and more. Courses are taught by the world’s greatest experts and anyone can watch the live online workshops — for free — and interact with instructors in real time. After courses have aired, you can purchase them and watch anytime. Order Janine’s courses on CreativeLive Social-Media-Design---Warner Website-redesign-Janine-Warner

Dreamweaver-For-Beginners---Warner Dreamweaver-CC-Warner


Janine is cofounder of DigitalFamily, a full-service interactive design and training agency that offers web and mobile design, content strategy, internet marketing, and online learning development services. The agency is now run by David LaFontaine.

Whether you want to create your own website or let us do it all for you, you’ll find what you need at

Janine launched the DigitalFamily website to support her books and videos. You’ll find free tutorials, common questions, and her online store where you can order Janine’s books and videos.

Training web sites

Janine has created many books and videos on web design and she features a number of fictitious websites in her courses. Among the sites she’s created for you to play and learn from:

Antonio Gaudi is a simple responsive website featuring photos of the art and architecture of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. Click and drag the edge of your browser window and watch as the layouts ‘responds’ to different screen sizes. is a delicious – and fictitious – website about the joys of chocolate… and designing websites with WordPress. This site now includes a section on ChocolateGameRules because learning to play the chocolate game makes learning web design a lot funnier!

“I’m switching career paths to Web and Graphic Design and have completed several programs through colleges and online programs.”

“I could have saved A LOT of time and money if I had only watched your video tutorials on Kelby Training to begin with. You are terrific. Thanks for making Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS so fun!”



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